Champagne Oudiette

A few words

Established in Beaunay for nearly 100 years, the Champagne Oudiette estate is managed by the family, consisting of Maxime, Pascal, and Sylvie Oudiette.

Since then, we have strived to understand every nuance of our land, every subtlety of our vines. Guided by teachings passed down through generations, we respect the centuries-old methods of planting, pruning, and caring for our vineyard.

Maxime Oudiette joined his parents, Sylvie and Pascal, in 2012, imbued with the viticultural wisdom inherited from the past, but also enriched by his experiences at Champagne Thuillier and Champagne Jacques Selosse. He embodies the new generation, carrying a modern and bold vision of Champagne viticulture.

Since 2015, Maxime has forged his own viticultural philosophy, a symbiosis between the land, the vine, and the wine, integrating practices of organic, biodynamic viticulture, vitiforestry, and permaculture. Each gesture, from vine care to winemaking, is meticulously adapted to each parcel, fostering an intimate connection between the wine and its terroir of origin.

Champagne Oudiette Range
Champagne Oudiette Parcel